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July 1, 2024
Andree Leong

Preparing for Your Yearly Physical

Most health insurance covers a yearly check-up or physical with your primary doctor. You usually can receive a physical or free or by only paying a small supplement, like a co-pay.

Physicals and check-ups are important aspects of your overall wellness regimen. By seeing your doctor for regular check-ups, you can stay informed about your health. You can also detect small problems that you can treat early, before they have time to worsen. 

Prepare for Your Check-up

Use your insurance benefits to maximize your access to preventative care. By working with your doctor, you can walk out of your check-up with a picture of your overall health. You will also know if you need to take any other steps to get ahead of small issues.

Before you have a check-up there are things you can do to make the best of your appointment.

  • Ensure that your primary care doctor has all your past medical records. You might see multiple doctors. Providing each with information from the others helps form a more comprehensive picture of your health.
  • If you’ve had any illnesses, surgeries or hospitalizations, document the dates and treatment. Remember to tell your doctor about any adverse symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • Keep a list of your medications with you. Your doctor will likely review your medications with you. Make sure you and the doctor have the same doses and types of drugs on file.
  • Make sure your doctor still accepts your current health insurance. Always take your insurance card to your appointment. Your doctor will likely ask for proof of coverage.
  • If your doctor requests any pre-visit preparations, follow their orders. This may include fasting before your visit, taking a 24-hour urine collection or testing and recording your blood pressures.

During Your Visit

When you arrive for your visit, your physician’s office will likely make sure your insurance and contact information is up to date. Once with the doctor, he or she might perform a variety of tests to determine your overall health. This might include:

  • Collecting blood samples
  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Testing your heart and pulse rate
  • Examining your eyes, nose and mouth for abnormal signs
  • Listening to your lungs for signs of regular breathing
  • Checking your limbs for signs of strong bones and reactive reflexes.

These simple tests can often help you get a clear overview of your health. They can also help diagnose small, developing problems.

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